DIY Accent Pillows and Shams

Do-It-Yourself Accent Pillows and Shams

I recently just moved into a new apartment for my last semester of university. I have had the same comforter set for the past two years, which isn’t a long time, but I just needed a simple, but impactful change. It’s crazy what bed linens can do to a space! But I wasn’t about to buy brand new everything when what I already had was just fine. So, I found this duvet cover from Urban Outfitters. I’m not going to lie this was a little more than what I was hoping to pay, but I justified it since I’ll be using it for years to come (Urban also offers a 10% student discount if you’re a member of UNiDAYS). It’s flat grey in color with a pom-pom border. I just put my old comforter inside of the duvet and what do you know, I had a whole new look and feel to my room.


After I did that, something wasn’t quite right yet. My pillows were killing the vibe. Because accent pillows are usually $15 and up per pillow, I wouldn’t allow myself to buy all new. I also knew I wouldn’t be able to find pillow shams that matched the comforter, so I had to take matters into my own hands.

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